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Hitman 3 Season Of Lust Was The Best Season To Date


Hitman 3 has had a lot of seasons with the Season of Sin Collection. However, you’ll likely have noticed that I haven’t been pleased with them until now. Season of Lust was the best season we’ve had so far, and I think there’s one key reason for that: randomization. The Lust Assignation as well as Dartmoor Garden Show both use randomization to the best of Hitman 3’s ability, and it pays off so well. Playing through these Escalations, despite the fact that they feel like full-blown missions, is a never-ending source of fun. That’s what we need more of moving forward in this seasonal model.

The randomization in The Lust Assignation was all linked to Lust’s admirer. They were different every time, and it was impossible to predict who they could be. You had to find at least three clues every time you played, and only then can you make a mildly-informed decision as to who the admirer is. I love this because it forces you to explore and find the clues, which are always in different locations. You could have an easy run or a more challenging one depending on the start you’re given. You never know which one you’re going to get.

Dartmoor Garden Show is a completely different beast altogether. This is a three-stage Escalation that’s all about killing targets in creative ways. The fact that it also has new challenges associated with it is what saves it from being just another Escalation. It’s got the sort of content that means players will keep replaying it for ages. It’s even a new location you can create Contracts in. These are made all the better in one sense because of the unique opportunities you gave to kill each of the major targets. You can really optimize your playthroughs and come up with some truly creative kills.

I have no doubt that Io Interactive will see the difference in reception this season has received and double down on reandomization in the future. It might mean we have to wait a little bit longer for new stuff, but I’m happy with that if it means we get exceptional content like this more often.

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