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The Dartmoor Garden Show Is The Best Sign For Hitman 3’s Future


Io Interactive gave us something really special in Season of Lust: Dartmoor Gaden Show. It’s a standalone Escalation, but it’s much more of a mission than anything else. This mission sees you kill randomized targets across three levels in a new version of Dartmoor, and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve had the best time exploring Dartmoor in a new light and taking down targets in more creative ways than I can think of. The challenges are what makes it more viable as replayable content, but it’s got everything that future seasons need to include moving forward. I think it’s the best sign for the future in Hitman 3 that Io Interactive could have given us.

Dartmoor Garden Show is a revamped map for one thing, and it has a lot of new stuff to offer. The new map opens up new opportunities for signature kills, challenges, and item locations. It was so refreshing not to know where the boat key and half the other items on the map were because everything had changed so much. Even just bringing a revamped version of every map to the game over time would be enough to keep me happy. Io Interactive has done this in the past with Marrakech and Sapienza, but those were full-blown missions. All we need are similarly sized Escalations that can also be accessed in Contracts mode.

I think that fans, including myself, have expected too much from Io Interactive in the past. The game it’s supporting is one that’s finished and is relatively easy to update with new content. However, there’s a dramatically reduced number of staff working on the title today compared to when it launched. These developers are focusing first and foremost on bug fixes and changes to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Then, they’re looking at the additional content. This is important, and it’s essential that we respect their workflow. If we’re vocal about what we enjoy, then the developers will notice that and double down on it. If all they hear is hate, then they’ll eventually drop the game. I want to be getting new Hitman 3 content in two years still, and I think the team is capable if they keep up this pace they’ve got.

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