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Have You Tried Tormented Souls?


Over the last week or so, I’ve been playing a tonne of Tormented Souls. What on the surface appears to be a fairly run of the mill knockoff survival horror game that you can discount as terrible is actually a thrill ride. It’s a game that’s so good that it instantly brought me back to the early days of PlayStation and playing Resident Evil and Silent Hil for the first time. This game takes the best part of classic survival horror and presents it in a way that’s not been done in modern games for an entire generation. I’m talking about pre-rendered backgrounds, obscure puzzles, and a terrifying sense of dread.

Most modern survival horror efforts fail to impress because they can’t scare you. They fail to achieve that same sense of dread that the atmosphere and music inject in those early PS1 titles. There’s just something about their settings, the looks of the games, and the absolutely horrifying enemies that does it. Modern attempts at replicating this fail to see what made those games so good, and instead focuses on the grotesque enemies or tries to implement a new mechanic that’s meant to revolutionize the series. Tormented Souls just does survival horror, and it does it really well.

There’s so much that I love about this game, but it’s just the way that it revitalizes that old sense of dread that horror games have lost of late that’s the best. I don’t want to play a horror game for gunplay and action, I want to be terrified and worried about how much ammo I have. I want unexpected twists and turns, and I want to be killed out of nowhere. This game does all of this and so much more, and it’s the perfect way to scare yourself silly if you’re playing by yourself in the dark.

Hopefully, we get a sequel, DLC, or just something else added onto Tormented Souls in the future. I think the games industry has passed this one by without a second thought, and it’s massively disappointing. So I’m going to keep shouting about it today in the hopes that you all take notice and give the demo a try at the very least.

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