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Fallout 76’s Public Worlds Seem Like A Lot Of Fun


With Season 6, Bethesda added a new feature to Fallout 76 called public worlds. They’re worlds that have specific rules applied to them, different from the adventure mode worlds that you’ll be playing in. These worlds can be tailored to suit your needs if you’re a Fallout 1st Member. If not, then you can just try out the free ones that are coming out on a rotational basis for the foreseeable future. These worlds do a couple of things. First of all, they please the player base by giving them a feature that they want, worlds where they can screw with the normal confinements of Fallout 76. Second, it’s possible to jump in and try new things in these worlds, and get an idea for something completely different that you didn’t know existed. That’s what most of us want.

The latest world that’s available to everyone is a build-focused one. It expands the limit of your Camp, allowing you to build much larger bases that you can in the adventure mode. This allows you to mess around and create some fantastic places for both the competitions that Bethesda runs and other players in general to come and worship. However, all of the progress you make in that world will be limited to it. You can’t pick up plans, learn them, and take them back to adventure mode.

This is where I think the whole public worlds concept gets a bit screwed up. There’s no incentive to play in the worlds because you can’t progress your character in any way. While you can load the character back up later, the world will be gone at some point, so there’s not much point. I don’t understand why Bethesda can’t introduce a series of public worlds and make them available at different times of the year. For example, one week could have this build focused world, while another could have an enemy focused one with new rules for ammo and ragdolling. It would tie in with the competitions the developer runs, and allowing progress to continue in those worlds each time it becomes available would give everyone a reason to play them. After all, Nuclear Winter progress counted in adventure mode, so why not in these worlds?

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