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Will Marvel’s Wolverine Feature The Midnight Sons?


With the announcement of both Marvel’s Wolverine and Midnight Suns lately, I can’t help but think that the two worlds could crossover. Of course, Wolverine is a member of the Midnight Suns, and the Midnight Suns game is almost certainly based on the side stories of Midnight Sons seen in various Marvel comics. This is a very small segment of a number of hero stories and tells the take of the baddest anti-heroes working together to save the world, almost like the Suicide Squad, except these guys aren’t outright villains. I reckon that Marvel’s Wolverine could get the Midnight Sons storyline into the game, and I think it would be great.

Wolverine is best known as being part of the X-Men. These guys are inherently good, but Wolverine himself isn’t. He’s got questionable motives, and I think that’s what we all love about him. You’re never sure that he’ll go along with what’s deigned to be the greater good, because he’s selfish, but also sees motivations where others don’t. A game that’s all about him needs more characters that are the same, and that’s what the Midnight Sons are.

The Midnight Sons aren’t an official team. They’re a group that occasionally comes together because they’re all chasing the same goal, killing a massive evil being. Blade is part of it, as is Ghost Rider, you’ve even got a vampire in there. As I said, these guys aren’t inherently good, but they do good things from time to time. It’s why we love them so much, they’re easy to identify with and feel much more grounded than the always good heroes.

I think that Insomniac Games would be remiss to ignore the Midnight Sons entirely. After all, it’s the perfect source of new costumes, side quests, activities, and missions to dig into. This is the stuff that Wolverine fans will want to see, since it moves away from the core X-Men side of things that Wolverine is always bogged down in. Let’s see the dark stuff, and let’s have it form a big part of the game. Who knows, maybe this will even be the main storyline in the game.

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