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Hitman 3 Season Of Envy Added Loads Of Challenges To The Game


When Io Interactive announced the roadmap for Hitman 3 Season of Envy, it showed us a plethora of new content that no one expected. In the past, I’ve commented that the developer should be adding new challenges to the rest of the game with every season. These challenges could give us small rewards like suits and weapons. Well, now Io Interactive has gone and done exactly that, but it’s also doing it alongside a slew of brand new content that’s coming to the game.

Season of Envy adds a new Escalation, Featured Contracts, and one brand new Elusive Target. Of course, not all of this content is brand new, or even from the developer, such as the Featured Contracts, though the developers are making one batch, and the second Elusive Target is a re-run. However, there’s so much more beneath the surface that’s being added to the game alongside all of this additional content. This new content is, as requested, challenges that are being implemented from tomorrow. They all award something new to use across the rest of Hitman 3, and they’re all giving the game just a little but more longevity.

For example, you can earn a new Ducky sniper rifle by completing 60 Featured Contracts. That’s every single Featured Contract in the game to date since launch. There’s also a new suit to earn by completing a new challenge in Berlin. This one was locked to some Deluxe Edition content, and I’m happy to see it getting shared around a little.

Finally, we have two new weapons in the game this season. One is a sniper rifle, and one is the claw hammer. Each one can be unlocked by completing a new challenge in Berlin and Dartmoor. These are new themed challenges, so you don’t need to simply complete the main mission again to unlock something as we did with the Goldballer. I love that Io Interactive has listened to fans and reacted to their feedback directly in this way. Too few developers do this, and I think it’s the best move that the company could have made while it’s working on other games in the background.

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