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Why Is Kingdom Hearts For Switch Restricted To The Cloud?


Recently it was revealed that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. We’ve got a lot of great games on the platform, but now we can finally replay all these classic titles on the go. Well, that’s what most people initially thought. The issue is that all of these Kingdom Hearts games are going to be cloud versions. If you’re not aware, you can’t play cloud versions of games on Switch without an internet connection, so really, they’re only playable at home, somewhere with reliable wi-fi, or in docked mode. I have no idea why this has to be the case.

The main reason I can see Nintendo giving for this is that the game collections are too big to fit on a Switch cartridge. However, I think that’s an oversight and a massive one at that. The fact is that you can play all the Final Fantasy games on Switch without an internet connection. You can even buy some of them as physical versions, though they’re split up on the eShop, meaning you can definitely for them on your Switch. Why this isn’t being done with Kingdom Hearts is beyond me.

The only think I can think of is that Square Enix has destroyed the original files, leaving only the collections of Kingdom Hearts games to work with. In Japanese culture, it’s common to throw away the old once you’re done with it. This is why the Silent Hill games had to have so much new work done on them when the remasters were made. I think that there are no single Kingdom Hearts game files, I think they’re all gone, leaving just the collections to work with.

Nintendo needs to do something to rectify this. So many people will be missing out on these games because they’re cloud versions. There’s a reason I don’t play Hitman 3 on my Switch because I don’t want to pay for what is effectively a streamed version of the game. I don’t see the point when I can have a better time with the games I own, digital or physical. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Timber

    Doesn’t fit into my Pick-up and go style for switch. Long load time to start the game, can’t set it down in sleep mode for too long, can’t take it on the road unless your transportation has wifi. I feel like I wasted $80.