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A Bonkers Connection Between Dishonored, Deathloop, and Prey


I’ve probably been playing much too much Deathloop lately, but I can’t help myself. The game has so much going for it and so many secrets to explore that I really don’t want to put it down for a second. In a weird way, it’s a game that becomes more interesting the more you play around outside of the campaign. There’s a pressure that keeps you focused on killing every Visionary as soon as possible, but once that’s done, exploring the world becomes so much more rewarding than anything else you can do. One of the things that I’ve been exploring is how the world of Deathloop is linked to Dishonored, and now I think it could be linked to Prey as well.

At the end of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, you choose whether to free the Outsider or kill them. Either way, this magical realm and force known as the Void is then set free, uncontrolled. It was bound to the Outsider because a cult wanted to control it and get powers they could use to rule the world, and it worked for a time. Without the Outsider though, the Void is untamed and just starts to exist outside of the realm of reality without anyone knowing how to control it once again.

Cut to Deathloop, and it seems as though Blackreef is a point at which the physical world and the Void meet. This is how so many groups have been able to tap into it and ultimately use it to create a time loop. Wenjie makes Slabs, which are powers from the Dishonored games, indicating that she’s able to do what the Outsider did, link powers to people from the Void. At this point, I think the world is in a bit of a state, or at least, the Visionaries know it’s going to end soon at the hands of the Typon. They lock themselves in a time loop to avoid it.

All throughout Deathloop, there’s a general feeling that the world is ending. That might just be because the Eternalists trash it since there are no consequences, but we don’t know. However, in one of the endings of Deathloop, you see a red sky. That sky looks eerily similar to the world at the end of Prey, which is covered in Typon. Could this be real? I don’t know, but I like the theory.

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