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What Should Hitman 3’s Halloween Event Be?


Io Interactive has teased a Halloween event reveal that’s coming for Hitman 3. While we don’t know anything concrete yet, we do know that there are plans to put something new in Dartmoor, at least that’s what the teaser image suggests. Dartmoor is the perfect location for a spooky mission, as long as it’s done well. Io Interactive has gotten so much better at bringing great content to Hitman 3 over the past few seasons, much better than the early seasons in the game. I’m really excited to see what we get for Halloween, but in the meantime, why not talk about what would be the best possible outcome for the event?

In Hitman 2, we were given an Escalation and set of challenge packs for Halloween. This saw us tackle a new three-part Escalation that forced you to think about how to complete the mission in a new and interesting way. The challenge packs were the same, adding in loads more stuff to do with meaningful rewards that gave you spooky themed outfits for Agent 47 to wear. While we haven’t had any challenge packs in Hitman 3, I think that they’d be a meaningful addition this year for Halloween, if Io Interactive were going to add something like that.

In reality, I think we’ll be getting a new Escalation, something similar to what we had for Easter. The Escalation will likely have some incredibly specific rules, such as requiring us to kill targets while dressed as a scarecrow or something like that. It would work better if we looked like the headless horseman or something, because then we’d be able to put the terror into our targets. That’s something that would make for a fun new mechanic. There’s already an easter egg that allows Agent 47 to set everyone on fire when he gets close to them, so lets extend that to feature fear and terror.

Ultimately, I just want a good new Escalation for Halloween. I don’t want an Escalation for the sake of it, I want a mission that’s going to stand out, one that I think about all the time and have a desire to return to long after I’ve completed it.

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