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I’m So Excited For The Batman Expansion To Hot Wheels Unleashed


Developer Milestone has announced the Batman Expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed. This is exactly what it sounds like. Five new vehicles are being added to the game, each one themed around the Batman universe, and you’ll be able to play as all of them after you unlock them through new challenges in the game. This expansion is almost certainly going to be a paid one, but I think it’ll be worth it for what the expansion adds to the game. There’s so much more than cars going on here, and any Hot Wheels Unleashed fan would be mad not to want to dive into it and see it for themselves.

The main thing you should be excited about in this expansion is the Batman-themed cars. There will be one for a few villains, but the Batmoble is what you really want to be driving around each track. In addition though, there will be new track parts, new customisation options for your basement and cars, and even a brand new environment to race around, the Batcave. This might be the best part of the expansion, since it’s an entirely new place to race around, meaning there are likely loads more activities to take on here. We can see that there are at least two new types off boss to take on, Bane and The Joker, but there’s going to be so much more.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has a criminally huge amount of content on offer. Still though, it feels small in the way that there are only two types of activity. I think it could do with a lot more, and Batman is the perfect way to expand that. You could have different versions of boss races in which you’re racing against a boss and some henchmen. I don’t think that adding weapons into the mix is a good idea, but giving the bosses a bit more of a theme would be nice.

As it is, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a brilliant racing title that I recommend everyone tries at least once. I love it for what it is, but I just wish there was more right now, but at least we know the Batman Expansion will add more when it comes out later this year.

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