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What Is Happening With Dying Light’s European Switch Launch?


Dying Light is now out on Nintendo Switch. However, there are some issues with actually buying it in Europe, at least digitally. The issue is that the game is banned in Germany, where the Nintendo eShop is registered. Therefore, the digital version of Dying Light is completely unavailable on the European Nintendo eShop. This means that unless you create a US Nintendo account and purchase the game there, you’re not going to be able to get Dying Light for Switch in Europe unless you buy the physical edition. This is absolute madness, and I can’t believe that the issue wasn’t discovered until the day of the game’s launch.

Here’s the thing about game launches, there’s a lot of prep that goes into them. The developer will always be ready ahead of time because there are timing issues with companies like Nintendo that are always messing up here and there. Techland will have had to be ready in time, but then it’s also on them to check that everything is fine and ready to go on the eShop. In fairness, Nintendo has a lot to deal with when it comes to eShop listings, so there shouldn’t be an expectation on them to check that things work and everything is sorted.

However, in this rare case, I do think that someone at Nintendo should have clocked that Dying Light being banned in Germany was going to be an issue for the game’s release as a port on Nintendo Switch. I don’t see how that could fly under the radar, and I imagine Techland even checked in with Nintendo before the launch just to make sure that everything would be okay. Each country has different laws, and I understand that there’s no way the Switch port should be unbanned in Germany, but for there to be such a core issue that this affected the entire European release of the game means that there’s a busted system somewhere. Hopefully, Techland and Nintendo get this sorted as soon as possible so we can all start playing the game on the best handheld platform on the market.

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