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Halo Infinite’s Open Sandbox Areas Are The Natural Evolution The Series Needed


This week we were given our first real look at the campaign for Halo Infinite. I know that a lot of you will point to the look we were given earlier in the year, but that was not a good look for the game, and a lot has changed since then. So, leaving aside the lumpy textures we were shown earlier this year, I think that 343 Industries has done an amazing job giving the Halo franchise the step forward it needed. There’s so much that’s different, but the game still manages to retain the core of the Halo experience. Bombastic single-player fights are the focus, but it’s the world that’s now coming into its own.

In classic Halo games, the missions were pretty linear. Sure, you had a few paths you could take to your objective, but you needed to move through each point to complete a mission. The illusion of freedom was enough that we felt that the games were set in ridiculously open spaces. However, there wasn’t a tonne going on in them, and that’s why they don’t feel fantastic to play today. The next evolutionary step for the franchise could only be a series of wide-open spaces that you can freely explore and are filled with things to do. That’s what Halo Infinite is.

In Halo Infinite, you’ll be playing through missions that are set in massive open worlds. You’ve probably got an objective to complete, but, as always, how you do this is up to you. There are enemy bases to destroy, pockets of humans to rescue, and all sorts of secrets to find I’m sure. The game takes the core Halo experience and puts it into a world where there’s so much more for you to do.

This is the only way that 343 Industries could have moved Halo forward. For the most part, the formula is set. You can’t change it too much or it won’t be Halo. Making the spaces bigger and giving players more to do not only extends the in-game time, but it gives you the chance to explore more of the lore without forcing players to go through your weird new areas that they might not necessarily enjoy.

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