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What Should Hitman 3 Get For Christmas?


The Seasons of Sin Collection has now come to a close with Season of Wrath. The season goes on until the end of November, but there’s nothing in the timeline past that point. This has had me thinking quite a lot about what Io Interactive will be doing for Christmas in Hitman 3. In the past, we’ve had a couple of new content drops, but there haven’t been any announcements that say the same so far. I want to explore exactly what Io Interactive could do with Hitman 3 for Christmas. After all, this is effectively a live service game now, and without new content, it’s only going to die. The more content the game gets, even if it’s temporary, the more money it will ultimately make.

First, I think the Christmas episode from Hitman 2016 will make an appearance for all Hitman 3 players. It’ll be free, and everyone will get to enjoy it. This is a Contract called Holiday Hoarders, and it basically pits Agent 47 against two criminals inspired by those in the Home Alone series. It’s a fun outing, but it’s nothing new. Still, I think it’s worth putting out for all Hitman 3 players since it’s sitting there doing nothing if you don’t already own Hitman 2016 and all of its locations.

Second, I would love to see something new come to Hitman 3 for Christmas. I think that there could be a new Escalation, given how quickly Io Interactive has pumped them out with the Seasons of Sin Collection. A new take on an area from Hitman 3 would be great. It doesn’t need to be as comprehensive as the Holiday Hoarders mission, although a new version of that in a Hitman 3 location would of course be incredible.

Finally, I’d actually like to see some challenge packs. These were in Hitman 2, but Io Interactive has shied away from them in Hitman 3. Essentially, they add lots more activities and items to each location in the game, and you need to complete all of the activities to unlock the new items. I think that having a reason to go back and explore areas you know like the back of your hand with a fresh eye would be fantastic, as would any new disguises for Agent 47.

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