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Riders Republic’s Multiplayer Is Thoroughly Enjoyable


Since its launch, I haven’t paid that much attention to the core multiplayer aspect of Riders Republic. However, the last couple of days have seen me delve deeper and deeper into the system to try to figure out what’s going on there and whether it’s fun or not. I’m pleased to report that it’s loads of fun to play, and there are a few systems that tie into it that make it even more enjoyable. It’s the best that it could be given what the rest of the game requires of you and how MMOs work on a much wider scale these days.

The multiplayer itself consists of a few core modes. This is normal for any MMO, giving players the ability to jump into trick battles free for alls, or wacky races in Funkies if they fancy it. They all have their place, and it’s a good way to get into a session with something that feels fresh if you don’t fancy trying to complete a new secondary objective for a past event. To top it off, all the multiplayer events award Stars, which boosts your overall level, and count towards the game’s bounty systems. This means you can advance your Sponsor Contracts and Shackdaddy Challenges no matter what.

The events themselves are more fun because they feel like microcosms of the Mass Events. Real players are much less predictable than the recorded ones used as AI throughout the game’s events. They react to you, surprise you, and even make it possible for you to grab a last-minute win when you may not have been able to otherwise.

Tapping into this are two reward schemes, the weekly rank, and your division rank. Division ranks put you against increasingly tough opponents with better and better gear, while the weekly rank is simply a new reward system to ensure that you’re getting something for your efforts. The game never feels like it isn’t rewarding you for taking part in something, and in an MMO like Riders Republic, that’s crucial. I think that the multiplayer is one of the best parts of the game, despite it being on the sidelines.

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