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Should Io Interactive Do Another DLC Collection For Hitman 3?


Hitman 3’s Seasons of Sin Collection has come to a close with Season of Wrath. While this final season rolls out and does its thing, I think it would be good to reflect on exactly what it did for the game and whether we want something similar to come along in the future. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s certainly had its ups and downs, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having content to play through on a regular basis in Hitman 3, and I’d personally like to see more live support for at least one more year to keep me engaged and enjoying one of my favourite games of all time.

The seven DLC in the Seasons of Sin Collection were okay. We’ve had a few outstanding entries like Lust, but for the most part the Escalations that were added feel more like tiny iterations on the core Escalation formula. Sure, the environments have been changed and there’s a gimmick with each one, but I feel like Io Interactive sort of missed the mark with what they could have done. I think that the Escalations we got were good, and were certainly playable, but really there should have been an overarching story, and I think that’s been missed out.

I believe that at least half of the Seasons of Sin content was done, or basically finished, by the time Hitman 3 released. This is because those early Escalations weren’t that great, and didn’t seem to take on any fan feedback. After those though, the Escalations changed and felt much more experimental. I think that the second half of the collection has been where the developers have let loose a little bit, allowing themselves to explore new ideas in Hitman 3 and fully embrace some assassination madness.

For me, I think that Io Interactive should have another crack at a year’s worth of DLC for Hitman 3. In 2022, I’d love to see another annual pass that entitles you to every season’s DLC, plus some extra content thrown in on top like the Elusive Targets, challenges, and Escalations we’ve had this year. Hopefully, Io Interactive has felt good enough about this year’s content to feel like it can do the same again for at least one more year.

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