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Now Might Just Be The Time To Start Playing Vigor


Last week, Vigor got a new seasonal model, and it’s pretty interesting. To date, the game has just had seasons and battle passes with new gear and rewards to unlock. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it makes sense. After all, most live service games do this and they generate tonnes of cash. It also helps that communities tend to enjoy the small buy-in price for what equates to a ridiculous amount of in-game cosmetics if they progress through every rank in the battle pass. The only thing Vigor was missing was story, but now that’s all changed.

The latest season in Vigor is called Chronicles: Vengeance. In it, you can collect ten tapes that tell the story of a character from the world. He’s called Adam, he’s an ex-soldier, and he’s out for blood and revenge. You get one tape for every five levels you complete in the battle pass. Once you hit level 50, you unlock the final tape that completes the whole story. You can get all of this through the free track on the battle pass, so there’s no need to spend money if you don’t want to. You can still enjoy all of the story that the game has to offer. This, above all else, is what I think is probably the best and most accessible thing about Vigor now.

From this season on, all seasons will revolve around a story. They’ll be called Chronicles, and you’ll be able to unlock the story through tapes in a similar way as you progress. The stories will help enhance the world and make it feel more alive. Games like Apex Legends have a big story drop with each new season, and there are in-game comics that you can also read to help add to that story too. My hope is that Vigor takes that style of storytelling and is able to add to it here. I think it would do the world of good for the game, and make the community even stronger. I see people talking about Vigor all the time, with only good things to say about it. I really hope that continues with Chronicles.

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