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What A Halo Of A Surprise


This week on Monday, Xbox held a celebratory event for the 20th anniversary of the console. During that event, the multiplayer for Halo Infinite was pushed live. This means that it’s now possible to play Halo Infinite’s fantastic multiplayer game mode through Game Pass, but you’ll still have to wait until the official launch date for the campaign mode. The game is possibly one of the most highly anticipated of 2021, so having the multiplayer element live so early is fantastic, because ultimately this is what will keep players engaged long after the game’s launch. I’ve not tested it out yet, but I really appreciate what it is that Xbox has done here.

Halo is a franchise that was built on multiplayer. Whether it’s co-op or competitive PvP, Halo fans absolutely love playing together. I have extremely fond memories of playing the first game on PC and destroying people online in that. It was one of the best multiplayer FPS games on the market at the time, even though there were definitely better looking ones out there that you could pick up. I think that Halo Infinite will probably be similar because I’m already seeing a lot of love for what the multiplayer does and how the community is interacting with it.

If you’re a fan of multiplayer FPS titles, this may be the one to go for this year. It’s part of Game Pass, so you don’t need to spend any more money on it than you’re already spending. It’s also highly polished and promises meaningful progression for the foreseeable future. 343 Industries has explained that it’s going to be pushing to keep seasons going in this game and keep them alive for a very long time. You could almost think of the game as an MMO, with a constantly evolving online system that will never be the same from one year to the next.

I think that surprise drops on this scale are always fun to see. I love it when big companies put this much out for their communities early and for no extra charge. It’s a testament to how good Xbox is, and how great the Game Pass subscription model is for fans.

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