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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Is Okay


At this point, I’ve played a little bit of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The game is a new mobile title in the Final Fantasy universe and I have to say that it feels incredibly well polished for a title that’s ripping off Fortnite. Then again, I guess the only way to compete with that monster is to be polished. It’s got superb controls that were definitely built a smartphone screen, and there’s just something about how easily it all flows that makes me think that it’s been made from the ground up to work on smartphones, and will likely excel whether playing over wi-fi or not.

Here’s the thing, Final Fantasy is not a universe that easily lends itself to the battle royale genre. While we’ve had genres in the franchise outside of JRPG, they’ve all had some sort of link that blends them well with everything fans have come to expect from the games. I don’t think that anyone would expect an FPS title with the Final Fantasy name to launch anytime soon, but this game sets the precedent for that. Sure, it’s a money grabbing scheme that will definitely charge you through the roof for skins, but it’s a bit of fun as well.

What I like about this is that it’s been vaguely made to fit within the Final Fantasy VII storyline, a storyline that’s getting more bloated by the day. You’re a Soldier, one of these elite fighters who I think is being altered genetically with alien blood. I’m not too sure about those details, but I believe that’s what’s happening. You’re basically in a virtual training ground and are fighting it out to see who is the best of the best. While the company behind you is trying to make the ultimate warriors, you just want to prove yourself so you can get out there and get some action. You won’t see classic Final Fantasy characters fitting in lore wise, but because it’s all virtual, I think we’ll get some skins for them all the same. I’m quietly excited about this game, because I think it’ll help Final Fantasy get a much needed boost.

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