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The DC Super-Villain Racing Season Is Alright In Hot Wheels Unleashed


I’ve been playing a decent amount of the DC Super-Villain Racing Season in Hot Wheels Unleashed. All I have to report is that it’s fine. It’s okay as a season, but it doesn’t have the same draw that other games do with their seasons to bring me back. I don’t know why that is though. I think there’s something wrong with the progression system, and the rewards, while awesome, are almost guaranteed as long as you log on every day and do as many of the daily quests as you can. There just isn’t anything that special about it all though.

The first thing that strikes me as off about this season is that you only get 10 XP for winning a race. This is a tiny amount that barely pushes up your progression in the season pass. With over 50 levels, you need that number to be higher if you want to have a hope of getting through the content and earning all six cars in time. The challenges award a few hundred XP, but they last for a few races, and then you’re done. Maybe that was the intention, but I’d like to think that Milestone had more on their minds when it comes to replayability than that.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is in a tough spot. It doesn’t have crazy multiplayer modes, just races for you to complete. The main campaign map also hasn’t been updated, meaning there’s no new single player content to tackle. If I’m honest, that’s what I’d have liked from this season. Pack all the rewards into bundles that are locked behind events and add to the main map. It makes the game’s single player content feel better, and there’s a sense of progression as you work your way through. The game simply isn’t suited to the grind that most MMOs have with their season passes. Maybe this will be rectified in the future, but for now, it’s just a nice bit of content to have in the game, but it’s nowhere near as good as it could have been in my opinion, and a lot of other players’.

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