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Now Is The Time To Get Excited For Hitman 3


Last week, Io Interactive absolutely stunned me by telling the world that a second year of support is coming to Hitman 3. Honestly, it’s not just the fact that there’s more support coming to the game, but the fact that it all sounds like it’s based on fan feedback that has me excited. I don’t kid myself, I don’t think that anyone from Io Interactive reads these articles, but many of the updates coming next year sound like things I’ve been writing about. I know that’s just because the community has been talking about them too, and I’m so glad that the live team on the game is now dedicated to bringing all of this new content to us.

If you haven’t heard, there are new maps, new modes, and more content coming to the game. While the specifics haven’t been revealed yet, we do know two things for sure. The first is that there will be more maps and missions coming to the game. This will be brand new locations like Berlin, Dubai, and Mendoza, fully-fledged sandbox worlds for us to play around in. They’ll also have their own challenges and mastery feats to accomplish, all of which will add dozens of hours to the game.

The second new aspect we know about is called Elusive Target Arcade. This is what I’m most excited about. I think it’ll somehow add all the Elusive Targets into the game, but they’ll be on a rolling roster. So one will appear for a week, then it’ll go back to the start of the roster and we’ll have a new one. This will continue for what I hope is forever. It also means that IO Interactive has space to add more Elusive Targets into the mix in bulk updates while we all have the best time tackling the ones that are already there. Of course, there could be a way to make the Elusive Targets even more fun, but I’m not 100 percent sure what that would look like right now. All I know is that I’m super excited to be a Hitman 3 fan once again.

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