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What Will Hitman 3’s Elusive Target Arcade Look Like?


Io Interactive has confirmed that there will be a second year of support and updates for Hitman 3. I love this, and I’m most excited about the new game mode that they’ve named but not detailed, Elusive Target Arcade. This could honestly be anything, but I think it would be quite fun to speculate about what it would look like based on what we know right now.

Okay, so first off, this is going to beat permanent game mode that’s all about Elusive Targets. Part of me thinks that it could just be a rolling roster of the Elusive Targets in the game. This would basically look like a new menu option, with an Elusive Target always on offer, but switching every ten days or so. You only have one chance to complete them, and once that chance is over, you can’t try again until the next time that target comes up. It’s functional, but I have to wonder how much fun it would be since we’ll still be waiting a long time to play the Elusive Targets.

My second idea is that there will be a new menu of Elusive Targets. This would effectively be the same as the Featured Contracts menu. There will be a range of them that is expanded each month. Maybe it’ll be three new Elusive Targets, maybe it’ll be more, but there will be a few added every couple of weeks. This will then give us the chance to play and replay the Elusive Targets within the boundaries of the game. It ruins what the Elusive Target formula is though, so I have to question the logic here. My reasoning for it being good is that it would be fun, so maybe Io Interactive would only count your first score on the mission. It could also be possible for you to have more full attempts at the mission, meaning you can kill and complete it over and over, until you tackle the true difficulty, which adds new twists to the map, making it more difficult and therefore a harder challenge. I can’t wait to see what the mode ends up being, but for now this second idea is definitely my favourite.

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