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I Want A Shopping Mall Location In Hitman 3 Year Two


Hitman 3 Year Two will see the addition of new missions, which I’m taking to mean new locations. Currently, you can pull together all the locations from Hitman 2016, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 into the game, as well as all of the story expansions found within those. However, there are still some glaring gaps in the potential locations list that Io Interactive hasn’t worked on. One is an airport, which I think almost every Hitman 3 player has vocalised at some point. The other is a shopping mall. I don’t mean a small group of shops that you can’t enter, I mean a huge American shopping mall with loads of areas to explore and almost too much potential for killing targets.

There’s a lot you could do with a shopping mall. There’s the space you expect to see, the shops and the open areas inside where people eat and mill about. However, there’s also the stuff behind the scenes, the areas where you load goods, the security corridors, and even vents like those found in the Chongqing location in Hitman 3. I think that there’s so much Io Interactive could do with a shopping mall, and it would really be a stand out location from everything else we’ve seen so far.

When I wrote about the airport location idea, I theorised that it could be a nice feature to have a time limit before a plane takes off, which would shift the focus of the mission if Agent 47 isn’t quick enough. I think that you could do the same with a shopping mall but change the state of the location. For example, if you take too long to kill a target, a flash mob could start up, or a load of busses could arrive with hundreds more NPCs to block your path. Making things happen that get in your way such as more witnesses and more eyes to spot you is what would really mix up the core Hitman 3 formula.

I love Hitman 3, and I want to see it grow into a game that even more people pick up and play next year. Hopefully, this sort of a location makes it into the game, because it would be absolutely incredible.

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