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Prepare For The Holiday Event In Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier


I have a bit of an obsession with Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. It’s a battle royale game set in the Final Fantasy VII universe. I don’t know how far that universe spreads, but to me it’s pretty damn vast considering the movie and game tie-ins that exist. This game fits in because the universe has been expanded upon so many times. However, it’s still a ham-fisted attempt at bringing battle royale and free-to-play to a franchise that didn’t necessarily need it. Regardless, this game is great, and it’s getting a holiday event in time for Christmas. I’m super excited for this because it’s yet another reason to jump into game and go really hard on it.

No one knows what the Christmas event will look like at the time of writing, but I think I know. There will almost certainly be a load of new challenges to complete. These will likely award bonus stars and push you further up the season pass. If you’ve not been playing that hard until now, it’ll give you the boost you need to start caring about the in-game rewards. Furthermore, it’ll have specific rewards for the holiday season that you won’t be able to earn anywhere else.

I’m thinking that we’ll be able to get Christmas versions of well known Final Fantasy VII characters like Cloud and Tifa, but that could be locked behind a paywall. Time will tell on that one. Outside of those famous characters, I hope that we got some cool new enemy costumes to wear. I’d like to see some new bosses enter the maps, and maybe even get a specific holiday battle pass to work through that awards some seriously premium gear for little more than playing as you usually would.

Developers always struggle to strike the right balance when it comes to holiday events. You need to reward players for their actions without asking too much more of them than you would normally. It’s tough because this game already has challenges to complete and be rewarded for, so anything else on top might be a bit mental. Time will tell.

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