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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s Holiday Event Is Interesting


Right now, the very first Holiday Event is taking place in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. It’s a Christmas-themed event that has revamped the base maps somewhat and added new challenges to the game. There’s not a lot that’s brand new, but there are new elements, and that’s what I’m seeing the player base latch onto. I really didn’t expect players to shift their behaviour this much, but they have, and it’s a total transformation of how people play the game. I think this demonstrates how much of a success the event is though, because players are now actively engaging with it and enjoying it as opposed to ignoring it as many do in other games.

The main draw of the event is the new challenges. These award time-limited cosmetics, and they’re all pretty cool. To get them, you need to decorate trees around the game’s map. These trees have all appeared with the update, and they’re pretty much everywhere. You can find them in all named locations, and that’s great. It makes it easy to keep track of where you need to go next and what trees to decorate next too. By decorating them, you even get ornaments to decorate your home screen, which is the first sort of step the game has made to having player homes.

I love this game because it’s such an unexpected combination of ideas that randomly seem to work. Adding events into the dray just makes everything feel even better. I’ve never really enjoyed battle royale games, but this one pushes me just enough that I think it’s interesting. There’s nothing to force you to buy content, it’s all free and enjoyable. Adding more to the game that’s time-limited is right up my alley, so I’m sold for the duration of the event. I can’t wait to see what Square Enix does with this game next, because the sky really is the limit. There’s nowhere the game can’t go in terms of crossovers with other franchises and Final Fantasy titles. I can’t wait to get really stuck in for each and every season.

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