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Hitman 3 Year Two Should Add A Forest Location


Hitman 3 Year Two will add new locations to the game, that much has been confirmed. I’m really excited for what the developers add to the game, because they’ve really wowed us with locations in the past. Even if they revamp old locations with entirely new missions and challenges, as they did in both Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2, I’m here for it. What I really want to see is something brand new though, and I think it’s time we had a big old forest to explore as Agent 47. This is a weird idea I’ve had, but I think it works quite well.

Agent 47 is all about blending in, and a forest is where he can do so. You’ve got people walking around who are just out for a hike, people cutting down trees for wood in various industries, and loads of space for shady organisations to go about their business in public while no one can get close to them. It’s a prime location for Io Interactive to place a few targets and let players go absolutely nuts. I love the idea of a forest because you can put loads of places to hide bodies in and make one location where it’s incredibly hard to take out a target just to challenge players to their absolute limit.

The location that Io Interactive has teased so far looks like an eco house in a forest, which may lead into this forest location idea. I think that having a house is fine, in fact it allows you to create a much more versatile location because you can have a cellar, attic, and loads of side areas too. However, I think the forest still needs to have members of the public in because it will make for a much more diverse and interesting area to explore.

Ultimately, I trust Io Interactive to pull together a great location. I think that it probably will pull out a forest location because it’s easy, and that will lead into new locations like an airport that will make for an even bigger and better experience to all players. I can’t wait for Hitman 3 Year Two.

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