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How About That Giant Snake In Horizon: Forbidden West?


Last week was The Game Awards. While I wasn’t that bothered about the show because there wasn’t anything new that I knew of that would be there, the announcements that came out of it were pretty damn exciting. One of the new trailers out of the event was one for Horizon: Forbidden West. The trailer doesn’t add much that’s new to the idea of what the game is, or the enemies that you’ll be facing, but it did show off some new animations from those enemies. There was even something that I know I’ve never seen before in the game, a giant snake machine. I’m super excited to face more of these things, and I can’t wait to dig into the game and get my teeth into how they work.

The thing I love about this series is that the machines all have a purpose outside of their initial looks. While they’ve evolved over time, they’re still built to do certain things that help the world recover from the way it was. I’m curious about what this massive snake was used for. It looks like a viper, so I imagine it’s able to spit something that’s harmful or helpful to the local wildlife. However, when we meet all of these machines in Horizon: Forbidden West specifically, they’re all going a bit crazy because of the red vines that are corrupting the world.

I think that we’ll be seeing even more incredible machines in this game because they’re out of sorts. We’ll be encountering machines that we wouldn’t normally see because they’re going nuts. Some might be coming out from underground, while others will be moving into new areas from the ones that they’re meant to occupy. Honestly, there’s so much potential with the way this game has been set up, I don’t know exactly what we’ll be seeing.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and play it. It’s got so much going on that’s insane and advances the world that I’m so eager to see. I want to learn about the new factions of humans too, and what they’ve been doing on the opposite side of the US while Aloy has been messing around where she is.

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