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So Far, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s Christmas Event Is The Best I’ve Played


It’s that time of year, and loads of games are getting their Christmas events on. There are a few out there that I haven’t tried yet, but of those that I have, I know which one is my favourite so far. As you’ve probably seen from the title, it’s the Holiday Event in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. This game has only just released, but already it’s got loads for players to do, and it’s not letting up in terms of new content that’s coming out soon. The game has a tonne to offer already, with new challenges dropping for you to complete each week, but the Holiday Event just drops a load of new stuff on top of that as well. It’s amazing, and I love it.

The Holiday Event revamps the map of Midgar a little with some Christmas-themed stuff, but also throws in some Christmas trees. There are challenges to decorate these trees by collecting ornaments as orders from around the map. This is so much harder than it sounds, but it’s a great reason to drop in and play just one more match. Suddenly, there’s so much more for you to do between the weekly challenge drops, and it really does work. I’ve had a blast trying to pick up everything that’s going, and I’m still struggling.

I think the thing that makes this Christmas event feel better than any others is that it’s something you can endlessly repeat, and something that has value that lasts for dozens of hours. Some MMOs out there will drop a new activity for you to complete and a couple of linked quests. Those can be completed in a couple of hours, and then you’re free to repeat the same activity if you really want to. The chances are that you don’t though.

I love the simplicity and longevity of the Holiday Event in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. In a mobile game, one that’s got a niche setting anyway, it’s nice to see something that brings the playerbase together, even if it’s in a weird way that doesn’t make much sense.

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