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Century: Age of Ashes Frost & Fury Is Epic


Century: Age of Ashes is an epic dragon-riding dogfighting game in which you and a bunch of other players battle it out for supremacy in teams while blasting each other with your various dragons. There are three main classes to keep things interesting, and it’s all absolutely manic. I don’t think I’ve played a match where I haven’t panicked, and I love that feeling. For a multiplayer game to keep the adrenaline high like that is so impressive, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Now, the game has its first event on the go, Frost & Fury, and it’s even more epic than the base game itself.

The Frost & Fury event isn’t anything spectacular in terms of in-game events. It adds three new exclusive dragons that you have to purchase from the shop, one of which you can unlock by completing a challenge during the event. That challenge is linked to the new game mode, a free-for-all combat experience that takes the Carnage game mode and removes the teams. Instead of two teams battling each other for points, you now have eight players smashing each other and trying to fight to be victorious. The more eliminations you get during the event’s duration, the close you are to unlocking more limited-time gear and that limited-time dragon.

I love this, because it doesn’t put all the focus on new gear. The main focus here is the event. You have a reason to play something new, and a new challenge that offers increasingly better rewards for completing a scaling challenge within it. Even those who have played the crap out of Century: Age of Ashes and unlocked everything, which isn’t possible at this point, will now have something new to chase. It’s nice to see a developer understand where that balance needs to be in a free-to-play game and work to please its audience. I’m digging in for the rest of the event’s duration and I really hope that everyone else does too. Even without it, this game already has 500,000 players, meaning there are no queues to get into games. Perfect when you just want to rip someone else apart with your dragon for a while.

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