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NFTs Should Be A Game Mechanic In Watch Dogs: Legion


SInce Ubisoft seems determined to destroy the world by adding NFTs into its games, I’m going to side with it for once. I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty harsh on them. That’s mainly because I thought the executives understood how bad NFTs are for both games and the environment. Giving them that benefit was wrong, and I shan’t make that mistake again. That’s why I reckon that the company should go ahead and add NFTs to the one game that they make sense in, Watch Dogs: Legion. After all, this is a game that’s about taking advantage of the rich while they do something incredibly stupid with technology, so let’s put a literal reference in the game.

However, I don’t mean that Ubisoft should add actual cosmetics with serial numbers on to the game. No, that really is stupid. I mean that Watch Dogs: Legion needs to have a gameplay mechanic that allows you to go around stealing NFTs from idiots like the executives at Ubisoft. The executives themselves could be added to the game, and players are able to pick up cosmetic items from them by stealing them directly. The way it would work in practice might be tricky, but I think it’s worth it for how funny it would be.

First, players would be given a set of clothes that can be customised with NFTs. Then, when you steal an NFT, it unlocks a new cosmetic version of those clothes. The gimmick would be that the serial number just goes up every day, meaning that there’s no point in the number that these executives purchased their NFTs for. It’s funny and it directly makes fun of a practice that’s really doing damage to the planet and needs to stop.

I don’t see a better way to put NFTs into a Ubisoft game, so I’m giving this one to the company. They can take it, steal it, and implement it in Watch Dogs: Legion. That game needs much more love than it gets anyway, and I think a funny mechanic like this with infinite NFTs on the go would be absolutely brilliant.

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