Harry Bowers

PUG Profile

Harry Bowers is a Literature and History student who loves to write. He’ll take any excuse to rant about his favourite hobby, games. As a self-confessed Sony fanboy he’s always plotting where his next trophy will come from. Harry is that most basic breed of ignorant console gamer; the type who sane folks will try and steer away from on the internet. When asked what his favourite Super Smash Bros. game is he will invariably answer PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Dreams of becoming Nathan Drake are a sad reality in his life. When he isn’t gaming Harry entertains various obsessions with music, history and literature. He now also enjoys bugging poor developers on twitter under the ego-nourishing banner of Community Manager.

You can hit Harry up on twitter via @PowerUpBowers in order to tell him how suitably angelic he looks in his profile picture.

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