Virtual Boy game receives physical release

The first homebrew game to be created for Nintendo’s much-maligned Virtual Boy console is to receive a physical release, it has been announced.

Puzzle game BLOX was made available for download in 2003 by creator Christian Radke of Planet VB, and now – ten years later – the homebrew title is on sale in cartridge form, complete with box and instructions.

Limited to 50 copies, costing $80 each, Radke plans to re-invest the proceeds of the sales he makes into the Virtual Boy research community.

Nintendo’s virtual reality console was launched in 1995 and was a massive commercial failure from the get-go, with only 22 games ever being officially released for the system.

Despite its shortcomings, the monochromatic system has attracted somewhat of a cult following, and a number of fan-made games have been released since Radke’s original effort ten years ago.