GTA V protagonists revealed in new trailers

Following weeks of anticipation, three all-new Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailers have today been unveiled.

Rockstar Games have released an action-packed trio of videos; each focusing on one of the game’s three playable protagonists. Michael is (ostensibly at least) the softened ex-con, who’s settled down into a quiet and respectable family life. However, through his conversations with his psychiatrist, it soon becomes clear that a regression into his old ways is inevitable as he can’t help but yearn for the excitement his criminal life brought him.

The story told in Franklin’s trailer may seem more familiar to seasoned GTA players; with San Andreas written all over it, Franklin is the young impressionable male, a victim of circumstance, trapped in a world of crime and gangland violence in the rough side of town.

Trevor, meanwhile, is a different kettle of fish altogether. A violent, mentally-unstable hillbilly apparently intent on causing widespread chaos and destruction; what’s not to love?

Although the trailers are certainly impressive – showcasing Rockstar’s ambitions to create a truly cinematic narrative – players have still been left with more questions than answers with regards to the game’s core gameplay; questions which will surely be answered in fragments over the coming months.

GTA V will be released on September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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