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Let’s Replay: Toy Story

Not only a great movie tie-in, Toy Story is right up there as one of the first games that comes to mind when asked about our favourite platformers. It may because it was one of the first games we owned on our Megadrives. It may be because we love the movie and know every word to the script. Whatever the reason, this game is amongst our favourite Genesis games.

The player controls Woody for the entirety of the game through 18 levels, and events closely follow the plot of the movie. Although the stages are similar to the locations featured in the film, unlike The Lion King, for example, some of them take a quick detour from the movie for the sake of being a more entertaining video game experience. Boss battles, for example, are a neat and worthwhile addition.

Woody’s attack comprises of throwing his pullstring and using it like a whip to “tie up” enemies momentarily. The pullstring can also be used to swing between hooks, which adds a more traditional platforming element to the game.

Find below a video of our full playthrough of the game from the Sega Mega Drive. It’s not a perfect playthrough or speed run but gives you an overview of the gameplay experience or a taste of that nostalgia from your childhood.

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