Final Fantasy veterans onboard for mobile RPG

French developer Kobojo has released the first details on its upcoming 2D RPG for mobile devices.

Zodiac, a persistent online game that was unveiled last week at the Tokyo Game Show, blends classic elements from JRPGs with hand-drawn 2D art, and, according to an official press release, promises to be “as deep and engaging as it is stylish”.

Developed out of Kobojo’s new Scottish studio in Dundee, the game is proving to be a global project as the developers have enlisted the services of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, who have scored and written, respectively, many of the Final Fantasy games as well as the Kingdom Hearts series.

Mario Rizzo, Kobojo CEO, said: “Working with iconic developers such as Sakimoto-san and Nojima-san has pushed us to perfect every element of the RPG experience for mobile and handheld devices.

“The combination of their deep knowledge and history along with our company’s experience and artistic style is leading to the creation of Zodiac, our dream cross-platform RPG.”

The game is slated for release on iOS devices and the Playstation Vita in 2015, with a potential launch on other platforms to be confirmed.