Artists recreate Final Fantasy VII's greatest moments

Over 100 artists have undertaken a massive feat of fan devotion by creating a total of 200 pieces of art that tell the complete story of seminal RPG Final Fantasy VII.

The project has taken the majority of 2014 to complete, with the stunning fan interpretations all coming from DeviantArt users who jumped at the chance to be part of a project that would end up being very nostalgic for them.

Final Fantasy VII: Moments was curated by current owner and long-time member of the Eyes on Final Fantasy forum, Daniel Towns (aka Loony BoB), in celebration of the site’s 15th birthday.

Daniel had his dream come true of buying the site he’s called home for most of his adult life last year, and his first project as the site owner was certainly an ambitious one.

He told us: “Not only was FFVII the game responsible for encouraging Cid [Eyes on Final Fantasy founder] to start up this site and community, but it is also the game I knew most artists were familiar with. I figured it was the one that would get me the most success.

“I created a list of 180 moments, thinking we would end up with about 100 done… In the end, we got 213 pieces completed by 107 artists! There were a lot of moments where I thought we wouldn’t get all the additional pieces completed on time. Still, we managed.”

You can view the collection as a PDF, or if you have a spare hour, you can watch the YouTube video, which also includes some of the beautiful music from the classic RPG, below:

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