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TimeSplitters Rewind Developers Reveal New Assets

The team behind TimeSplitters fan project TS Rewind have today revealed new work-in-progress character and level assets from the upcoming game.

Fan favourite Viola, who first appeared in TimeSplitters 2, is back in all her jester-styled glory, and was shown off by developers on the title’s official Facebook page earlier today:

Another TimeSplitters 2 staple is set to return, with the Compound level also being unveiled. Below is a shot of the stage in TimeSplitters 2, compared to how it currently looks in TS Rewind:

After unsuccessfully petitioning license holders Crytek to continue development on the shelved TimeSplitters 4, fans of the irreverent first-person shooter franchise decided to begin development of their own project based on the series, which has since been named TimeSplitters Rewind. The team, led by Michael Hubicka, were subsequently given the go-ahead from Crytek UK, who also offered up official assets from the three games in the franchise as well as expert help.

Rewind is a standalone multiplayer game, built using the CryEngine and encompassing the most popular aspects from all games in the original series. Although the developmental team are using the original assets as a reference point, they are recreating everything “from the ground up”. It is being developed for PC, with the developers hopeful of future releases on other platforms (licensing issues dependent).

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  • James

    Good to hear it’s still going. Can’t wait to play Timesplitters Rewind (hopefully on PS4)

  • Bob

    Rewind isn’t led by Michael Hubicka anymore. (He quit) It’s led by a guy called Sebastian. ( Sharkgun)