Nintendo Direct: Online Enabled Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo Out Soon

During today’s Nintendo Direct conference, Capcom not only confirmed rumours of a February 13 release date for Monster Hunter 4, but also stated the game would have a playable demo out before its full release.

With a plush Monster Hunter doll in hands, Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s producer, didn’t give a specific release date but said the demo would be geared toward novice hunters as Capcom expects this will be a first experience for many 3DS owners.

To compensate for the fresh blood coming to the franchise, the demo will offer an expansive tutorial that will help hunters learn the finer points of taking down baddies as a team. Local and online multiplayer will also be offered in this demo so hunters can get a feel for how the wi-fi lobby system works.

Tsujimoto said the demo will also feature all 14 of the game’s weapons, including the new Charge Blade and Insect Glaive.

The unit comes with a brushed steel effect that’ll give off a unique lustre.

Furthermore, an exclusive New 3DS XL can also be preordered at GameStop that will come preloaded with MH4U. The New 3DS will give hunters camera control options more akin to the PS2 or PSP as the system’s C-stick looks to replace the lock-on system and lower screen camera control implemented in MH3U.

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