Naughty Dog Plays Down Uncharted Trilogy Rumours

Naughty Dog has partially extinguished rumours of a possible upcoming remastered Uncharted collection for the PS4.

During a recent podcast hosted by Game Informer, Uncharted 4 co-director and lead writer Neil Druckmann claimed that all of Naughty Dog’s focus is currently on Nate Drake’s next adventure in upcoming PS4 exclusive, A Thief’s End (besides a “very small” team working on prototypes for a new game), rather than a look back at his previous outings.

With the release of The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4, as well as the recently-announced The Art of the Uncharted Trilogy art book, many fans had speculated that the first three Uncharted games may soon be on their way to the PS4. That’s not the case, though, according to Druckmann. When questioned on whether fans could expect to see such a release, he said: “Right now, all of our focus is on Uncharted 4. That’s all we can spare.”

So, while it doesn’t look like the trilogy will be re-released or remastered any time soon, Druckmann’s deliberately short answer also ensured that he didn’t rule out a potential release further down the line.

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