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Konami Erases Kojima From Metal Gear History

The rift between Konami and Hideo Kojima looks to be intensifying, as the publisher has today effectively erased the Metal Gear creator’s name from series history.

It was well publicised yesterday that the studio had removed all Kojima Productions branding from promotional materials for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, following rumours that the game director and his team are set to part ways with Konami.

It seems they’ve gone even further than that, however, with Kojima’s name also being removed from the company’s back catalogue of Metal Gear titles, including Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. Below are two screenshots: one taken from an archived version of the official Metal Gear website late last year, and one of how the site currently looks:

In related news, Konami issued a statement this morning in which it refused to confirm Kojima’s involvement with the company beyond the release of the Phantom Pain, while somewhat ominously announcing that it will be hiring a new development team to begin working on a new Metal Gear title following the conclusion of The Phantom Pain. The game’s September 1 release date is currently unaffected.

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  • andy

    Impossible. Just checked all my Metal Gear Solid games there and his name is still on the covers and manuals ^_^

    • AllDayIPlay B


    • Jason Mounce

      Inb4 Konami suits bust your door down and get a ‘Magic’ eraser that will erase all of his names 🙁 They say the blue side could erase pen, and even your soul.

    • Banana Spotted

      those will be rare items in the future, Best keep them in good condition.

  • John

    just viral marketing before the game comes out, dont fall for kojimas ruses.

    • AllDayIPlay B

      It better be my friend. That would be ultimate disrespect

    • miyamoto


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    what. the hell. is going. on!? why don’t they tell us anything?

    • Jason Mounce

      Probably NDA’s all over the place

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Without a doubt

    • miyamoto

      Publicity Stunt to create buzz for MGS V.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Although I hope this isn’t true, if that’s what it is i will be more than a little insulted at this stunt.

        • miyamoto

          Hideo Kojima is a master, a master in the art of trolling gamers.

          Did you notice there is no definite proof of all these rumors? Neither from Konami nor Mr. Hideous Kojimous?

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yes I’m well aware of that but the thing is the only one who has spoken at all is Konami themselves. I can understand if it was coming directly from Kojima but the fact that he hasn’t said a thing leaves it to feel more unconfirmed than just plan false. I just hope he doesn’t abandon Metal Gear for good, even Konami said he would stick around.

  • Lysergio

    U, U D, D, L, R, L, R, FU

    • NinoBr0wn

      L, m, a, o

  • Jan Compaf

    fuck kojima, he is a liar and a attention whore, i wasnt gona buy MGS5 because of kojima making stupid decisions lately but if he is out from konami then its day 1 just to show konami they did the right choice to fire that hoe

    • J’lon Madison

      what stupid decisions?

      • Jason Mounce

        Ignore him, he’s just the village idiot.

        • melrexmelrex .


        • Jan Compaf

          i don agre wit u u now stupit vilage ahahaha

          • Jason Mounce


      • Jan Compaf

        1.NO David Hayter-BIG turn off, NO Snake NO MGS and yeah BigBoss was voiced by DH before in MGS3 and it makes sense, Snake is a clone who inherit BB voice.
        Its like Terminator without Arnold.

        2.Selling a DEMO-BIG rip off

        3.No more MGS for like 10 times-BIG Liar

        BIG stupid decision from a BIG liar and a thief.

        “i will kill snake im out of konami anyway…kiefer pls come in”

        If kojima is out from mgs and konami i will buy the game day 1

        if not i will buy it when its FREE on PSN+

  • Sulaiman AL-BaKr

    They going to erase Kojima name from MGS series and the previous one!
    Now that is deny for konami to kojima work he is the creator of the series

  • Emma Paq

    Wow, I can understand being bitter about the split or whatever, but this just seems overly spiteful.

  • $9357384

    If that is the case for real.Then I will never purchase another Konami game ever….

  • Bezki

    He and Gaben are one of the biggest trolls.


  • noctizs

    Now, this is just my Hunch… Konami wants MGS to Continue while Kojima doesnt want any part of it after Phantom Pain and there is where their Falling out Started. 😉 I Still Think that Kojima can survive with his Team getting out of Konami will save his legacy before MGS turns out to be Konami’s AC game clone. 😉

  • Allah Akbar

    theres no konami witout kojima. he made konami known to the world, they should appreciate kojima for all the work kojima did for them all the profit he made for the company

  • TadpoleBuckshot

    Don’t beLIEve the Kojimi

  • Jecht_Sin

    What? It would be like erasing Michelangelo from the records of the Sistine Chapel!

    MGS IS Kojima. Who the f. is Konami?

  • Toobigtofail

    No one is irreplaceable.

  • $72941331

    Director name cut off from previous? i’d take this as a joke… one has a right to do that they get sued if its done….i think there is a mistake in this.

  • lukestoltenberg

    Japanese companies are not used to having to fight to keep their talent. Much like an abusive husband, a Japanese company believes it owns you once you are recruited. Such a split is a big deal and Konami aren’t expected to act like adults as western companies might be. Companies aren’t held to a high standard here but employees can be held to an impossible standard. I can imagine the suits at the board meeting saying how Kojima has been westernized and discussing how they can prevent this from happening in the future by hiring new recruits who can’t speak English and have no experience in foreign countries. Such is the conservatism in this weird country. The glory days of Konami are long gone.