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Eitr Devs “Pushing a Lot of Effort Toward” Eitr on PS Vita

Eneme Entertainment, the creative minds behind the forthcoming indie dungeon crawler Eitr, are very keen to get their game on Sony’s Playstation Vita. Lead designer and gameplay director David Wright expressed that the platform “is a great system for indie games”.

Damn, that’s purdy.

In an exclusive interview with Power Up Gaming, David – along with the studio’s other creative half, Tobi Harper – revealed that a Vita iteration has been on their periphery “from the beginning”. He assured: “We’re hoping to bring it to Vita and will be pushing a lot of efforts toward making it happen.”

David cited a lack of manpower as the reason for any delay:

“We wanted to concentrate on the PC/PS4 version first as we’re just a team of two we don’t want to overburden ourselves. The games itself doesn’t need to change much between PS4/PC, but with Vita there will likely need to be some UI/controls/graphics optimisation to be done.”

Eitr will land on PC and PS4 sometime in 2016. The stat-heavy RPG promises to tie all the merciless combat of Dark Souls together with all the 16 bit charm of yore in a neat little pixelated package. Expect beauty, progression and lots and lots of death as you negotiate unexplored worlds and untold horrors. With the game having already accrued hordes of positive previews, a Vita port is something you should be very excited for.

Excited for Eitr? Do you want to see the game on Vita? Let us know in the comments section below.

Or, better yet, let Eneme Entertainment know directly via @EitrTheGame!

If you’d like to find out even more about Eitr you can go to its official website.

You can also look forward to a more detailed version of the interview coming soon, along with a look at what the future holds for Sony’s latest portable.

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  • Alberto Villalobos S

    Hi i hope to see it in vita since I knew about this game, I wanted on Vita

  • Divinehand123

    Wow, did not know of this game. But it looks amazing! i can’t wait now. I’ll get it for PS4, Vita would be fun also when it does come to it.

  • bigshynepo

    This would be sweet on the Vita.

  • Robin

    That game is basically designed for the Vita…. absolutely need it.

  • Luke

    I’ll totally buy this if it comes to vita

  • airman4

    i thought it was a vita game at first glance lol

  • Jose Felix Gomez

    It would be awesome on Vita. It seems to have a Diablo-esque atmosphere.