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Rocket League Sells One Million Copies on Steam; Heading to SteamOS and Mac

Rocket League Cover

Rocket League has sold more than one million copies via Steam since its launch last month, developer Psyonix has announced today.

The arcade-football meets action-driving meets vehicular-mayhem game has received widespread critical acclaim since its release on PS4 and PC on July 7. Due to its success so far, Steam owner Valve and Psyonix have confirmed that the title will make its way onto both SteamOS and Mac platforms later in the year.

In a joint press release issued this afternoon, Valve’s DJ Powers said: “User reviews, sales of Rocket League on Steam, and its surging rise among eSports enthusiasts make it clear that the game is an absolute sensation.”

Dave Hagewood, founder and president of Psyonix, added: “We’re extremely excited about SteamOS and Mac. Our PC players have already proven how much passion they have for our game, and this is a great opportunity for us to bring Rocket League to an even wider audience inside the Steam family.”

Rocket League will be available on Steam at a 10 percent discount over the next 48 hours, in celebration of today’s news. Going forward, it will also be available for free to those who pre-order any Steam hardware device.

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