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Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Rumored for PS4 and PS3

A PlayStation-exclusive Kingdom Hearts title is rumored to be in the works, following the discovery of a Square Enix designer’s LinkedIn resume.

A recent update to Osaka-based game designer Richard W. VanDeventer’s profile page (login required) details his involvement in not only Kingdom Hearts III, but also in another KH title, Kingdom Hearts 2.9. While KHIII has already been confirmed for release on PS4 and Xbox One, the mysterious KH 2.9 purportedly is set to launch only on PS3 and PS4.

The post also confirmed Pixar’s involvement in KHIII, as the developer writes that he helped with “Translation and Interpretation of Contact Between Involved English and Japanese parties INCLUDING Disney and Pixar.” Although fans have speculated regarding Pixar’s inclusion in the latest title in the iconic RPG series, this pretty much cements the fact that Sora will meet up with the likes of Woody, Mr. Incredible or (at the unfortunate possibility of another undersea level) Nemo.

Concept art shown at recent Disney convention, D23, that shows Sora teaming up with Big Hero 6's Baymax.
Concept art shown at recent Disney convention, D23, that shows Sora teaming up with Big Hero 6’s Baymax.

As far as his work on KH 2.9 goes, VanDeventer states that he helped with game idea planning and documentation, game check and balance, boss planning, and attraction flow planning and documentation for ten months. This news comes months after an E3 2015 leak that had KH 2.9 temporarily listed on the official Square Enix schedule screen.

Although it is unknown exactly what KH 2.9 is all about, if the past is indicative of anything, a few assertions can be made. While KH 1.5 and 2.5 released on the PlayStation 3, they didn’t follow onto the PS4. This could mean that KH 2.9 will feature both titles, as well as include the previously unre-released Dream Drop Distance and a possible secret movie that will segue into KHIII. However, does this mean KH 2.9 will be used as a hold-me-over for fans as they wait for a Kingdom Hearts III release date announcement? Only time and another possible LinkedIn post will tell.

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