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Metal Gear Online: Missions, Classes, Stages & More Revealed for MGSV’s Multiplayer


Konami has today revealed a plethora of new information on Metal Gear Online, the upcoming multiplayer component to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Ahead of MGO’s release for consoles on October 6, the publisher has unveiled a number of missions, classes and stages that will make it into the Konami Los Angeles (formerly Kojima Productions’ LA Division)-developed title. An extended gameplay demo has also founds its way online.

According to Metal Gear Solid 5’s official website, some of the missions will include Bounty Hunter, where teams must kill or Fulton their opponents to reduce their ‘tickets’ to zero; Cloak and Dagger, an elimination mode wherein attackers win by recovering an important data disc and uploading it at the evac point within a time limit (whilst the opposing team defends); and Comm Control, where the attacking team must download confidential intel by staying within an effective range.

MGO Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter mode.

All of these missions will be set within one of a number of purpose-built stages, a selection of which were unveiled today. These include Jade Forest, Red Fortress, Gray Rampart, Amber Station and Black Site, all of which are set in their own unique locations and terrains.

As well as showing off these locales, Konami also unveiled a number of classes available for play. Scouts are said to be equipped with advanced scouting capabilities, by providing long-range combat and support functions; Enforcers are touted to be efficient in powerful weapons, yet are hindered by their slower movement; Infiltrators make up for this lack of speed with the “fast moving” nature of their cloak-and-dagger Close Quarters Combat.

MGO Jade Forest
Jade Forest.

Much like Metal Gear Online for Metal Gear Solid 4, players will also be given the opportunity to play as “unique” and well-known characters from the single player campaign, such as Snake and Ocelot. These will have “higher abilities compared to regular characters,” as well as speciality weapons that can bolster the individuality and power of their play styles.

In a section interestingly labelled “Tips,” Konami has also alluded to a number of features from the campaign that are making their way into the online mode, including an interrogation function and Buddy support. Whether Quiet, D-Horse or DD will be available, however, remains to be seen.

If October 6 is too long to wait, why not go and play some more of The Phantom Pain, or listen to some of our team talk about how amazing it is instead?

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