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Indie Lineup Announced For Manchester Play Expo

PlayExpo 2014 Logo

Manchester Play Expo have recently announced their upcoming indie lineup, and Power Up Gaming will be on site to provide event coverage. The annual expo, held in Manchester’s Event City, is in its 4th year and continues to grow in scale and scope. This year promises to be another strong showing from the UK indie scene, with a whole host of upcoming titles on display. These include:

Beyond Flesh and Blood – Pixel Bomb Games


Beyond Flesh and Blood is a graphically-intense, story-led 3rd person shooter in which players are able to blast away to a backdrop of Manchester’s most famous landmarks. We covered the game extensively at last year’s event, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the game looks after a year’s worth of development.

Dashy Crashy – Dumpling Design

Already a proven crowd pleaser at other events, Dumpling Design’s tablet-based, super-colourful and ludicrously-paced Dashy Crashy challenges players to outrun their friends on an endless, looping highway.

Forma.8 – MixedBag


Following the success of their popular glitch-hop Uridium/Starfox mash-up ‘Futuridium EP’, Mixed Bag will be flying over from Italy to showcase Forma.8, a dystopian sci-fi metroidvania featuring a small exploration probe stranded alone on an alien planet’s surface. With a unique mix of hand-drawn vector graphics and 3D elements giving the game a clean and vibrant visual style, players can expect the unexpected thanks to its fully physics-based environment interaction.

Friendship Club – Force of Habit and Clockwork Cuckoo

Friendship Club (aka Timmy Bibble’s Friendship Club) is a local multiplayer bullet-hell arena shooter set in the imagination of young Timmy Bibble. Players are able to catch bullets with supreme agility, headbutt their opponents, and be the best imaginary friend they can be.

Pan-Dimensional Conga-Combat – RGCD

Genre-mashing, dimension-hopping, rhythm-synchronised, arena-based quasi-shmup for up to four players. With its intense arcade-style highscore-chasing gameplay, alien soundtrack and eye-popping visual effects, Pan-Dimensional Conga-Combat borrows elements from the classic Nokia ‘snake’, Geometry Wars and Super Crate Box – and throws them all into a blender with a few drops of LSD.

Push For Emor – Lupus Solus


Designed for the Oculus Rift VR headset, Push for Emor is an upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter with three solar systems full of space battles, and 11 planets full of missions. Explore and liberate planets, board enemy ships, and push back the Emorian Empire one solar system at a time.

Raging Justice – MakinGames

Raging Justice is a modern take on the 2D scrolling brawler that pulls the classic genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century. In a city held to ransom by a mysterious crime lord, two maverick cops, Nikki Rage and Rick Justice, fight to prove that no one is above the law.

Sokos – Adventify Studios

Adventify Studios debut release Sokos, is a two dimensional puzzle-platformer where a cute alien uses wormholes in order to find his missing child.

Team Tractor Beam: Hyperjump Heroes – Hot Mess Games

Hot Mess Games’ Team Tractor Beam is a gravity shooter featuring multiplayer modes, an amazing soundtrack, and an intriguing plot across 12 planets to defeat the evil plans of Admiral Arafax.

TerraTech – Payload Studios


Payload Studio’s Terra Tech offers players the chance to design, construct, and command a fleet of unique vehicles as they battle your way to victory across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds in a quest for profit and glory.

Unbox – Prospect Games

Unbox is a vibrant, local multiplayer party game, which captures the spirit of old school pick up and play titles such as Mario Kart, Goldeneye, and Pokemon Stadium. Racing, Boxing and a whole host of minigames are available for players to enjoy, along with wide-ranging box customisation and a catchy soundtrack.

Power Up Gaming will be on hand to provide you with all the event’s must-know information. Will you be attending Play Expo 2015? Perhaps you’re an independent developer and want us to come check out your game? Either way, please let us know in the comments below.

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