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Rumour: Super Mario Galaxy Heading to Wii U in the West?

Super Mario Galaxy

Following yesterday’s reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD apparently heading to Wii U, yet another Nintendo classic could be on its way to the console.

A database of Wii U eShop entries on homebrew wiki WiiUBrew, maintained by notable data miner and researcher zhowei, has listed Super Mario Galaxy amongst its most recent additions, with traces of the game appearing on the European store for the first time.

As the title is already available on the Japanese store via Nintendo’s Wii games on Wii U program today’s news isn’t quite as exciting or surprising as the Twilight Princess revelation, but is notable nevertheless. While Super Mario Galaxy 2 is available via the store in the West, its predecessor has not yet been officially confirmed for a release outside of Japan.

No further details on the game, such as its release date or price point, are currently available.

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  • Mario Wii U

    Nintendo games never die!

    • Donovan Tull

      You’re really on every forum…..

      Agreed, those games are O.P. They’ve made the 4 best games I’ve ever played. They’ve also made 6th, 7th and 8th best games. In fact, Nintendo first party has always been boss, that’s why I’m getting the Wii U on October 27th.

  • Mario Wii U

    Good on ya mate!
    I really love Nintendo and the Wii U, so I’m just supporting it 🙂
    Nintendo 64 was always my favourite until now.

  • Tom Hunt

    will this be compatible with the gamepad or only wiimotes?