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Until Dawn Sequel to ‘Tie Into Existing Myths’ & Build on Player Feedback

Until Dawn

Supermassive Games has today provided gamers with a teaser of what to expect from the follow-up to hit PS4 exclusive Until Dawn.

During a Reddit AMA, the studio commented on many aspects of the survival horror game’s development process, and fielded questions from the community. Naturally, a great number of these concerned a possible sequel to the game, as well as the recently rumoured PlayStation VR-compatible DLC.

While the duo of Will Byles and Tom Heaton refused to comment on the expansion rumours, they did confirm that they are already working on their next game. When questioned further on the specifics of an Until Dawn sequel and its possible influences, they said:

“Obviously we’re not going to go into specifics, but like with Until Dawn, we like our stories to tie into existing myths or real history.”

The developers also confirmed that they “are definitely looking to build on what worked in Until Dawn, including the Butterfly Effect”, while player feedback will play a role in shaping any future Supermassive Games titles:

“Some of the feedback that we’ve had has given us ideas for the future, and we’ve had ideas since we finished the game that we would definitely like to follow up on in our next game.”

What would you like to see from a possible Until Dawn sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • zero

    Very misleading article title. Nowhere in anything said, is Until Dawn sequel ever mentioned. They are talking about their next game, whatever that may be.

    If it were mentioned in the AMA on Reddit & quoted in here fine. If not don’t imply something to get hits to your website Mr. Author.

    Thank You

    • Chris Mawson

      Hi there, Mr Author here. Not quite sure how it is misleading. The response quoted was in response to the following question: “For sequel concepts have you guys considered the thought of other horror genres or cryptids?” which obviously tied directly into an Until Dawn sequel. I will look to add further clarification to the post.

      • zero

        You should include that quote & the context of that in this article. Your article gives the feeling or assumes the reader has read the entire AMA. Therefore I felt the article title was misleading as I haven’t even reading the AMA, just the information presented in said article.

        The quote & information in your reply helps clarify things, however even at that I still feel it’s misleading because the title “Until Dawn Sequel to ‘Tie Into Existing Myths’ & Build on Player Feedback” specifically states “sequel” and they never said “The sequel to Until Dawn” or “Until Dawn 2” followed by their response.

        Had you titled the article similar to the end of it, that would have made perfect sense, i.e., “POSSIBLE Until Dawn Sequel to ‘Tie Into Existing Myths’ & Build on Player Feedback”

        But anyhow thank you for responding & clarifying. Much appreciated. =D

        • Chris Mawson

          I appreciate what you’re saying; it was what I inferred from the question and subsequent answer, but you’re right in that the reader shouldn’t have to trawl through the Ask Me Anything to verify the facts. Duly noted, and will be taken into consideration for future articles – it’s certainly not my intention to deliberately mislead or create ‘clickbait’ pieces.

          Thanks for holding me to account; someone has to. 😉