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Newly Announced Boundless to Mix Minecraft with Interdimensional Travel

Boundless seems to be a Minecraft-inspired procedurally-generated open-world sandbox game that allows players to travel between dimensions. Developer Wonderstruck reports that online players will be able to play together in one massive multiplayer universe.

In a new trailer for Boundless, revealed at Paris Games Week, the player is shown traveling through portals that open to completely different worlds inhabited by other players and wildlife. The gameplay is from a first-person perspective with a hammer as the player’s primary tool. A central hub appears to house several different dimensions to visit and explore. At the end of the trailer, the player joins others as they grapple up the side of a giant, rotating structure.

In a blog post by developers Wonderstruck, additional details of the game are discussed. According to the post, players will be able to mine for materials, hunt creatures, build structures, craft various items, claim land, battle titans, and use in-game currency.

Boundless 2

Boundless can be played alone or with a group of others as various pieces of land can be claimed using a “beacon.” Once a plot of land is owned, players can build new structures and collect valuable resources while deciding to inhabit the area or sell the land to others. Wonderstruck also discusses an “apex challenge” that involves working with others to take down massive sentient titans. After doing so, the mechanical guts of the titans can then be used to make floating airships.

Boundless is set to arrive in 2016 for both PS4 and PC featuring cross-platform play.

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