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Grand Theft Auto Online Players Receive Halloween Treats

Rockstar Games has announced that until November 16, players of Grand Theft Auto Online will be able to obtain special Halloween-themed items for their repertoire in-game. Once acquired, these goodies will remain in players’ inventories permanently.

The items and features player can grab for GTA Online, whichever platform they play on, include the Lurcher Hearse and FrankenStange vehicles, a selection of Halloween masks from Vespucci Movie Masks, and 30 new styles of face paint.

Slasher Adversary Mode
In Slasher Adversary, players must trick the Slasher by hiding before they can treat him… to shotgun shells.

Finally, a thrilling new Slasher Adversary mode is available. In this game mode, up to seven players attempt to hide from a single player, designated the Slasher, who wields a shotgun. Players can use flashlights to find their way around in the darkness, but doing so risks giving away their position. Survive for three minutes, and they earn the chance to go after the Slasher with their own shotguns.

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