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Star Wars Battlefront DLC to include “New Universes”

During a recent earnings call, Peter Moore, EA COO, explains that Battlefront’s DLC will be comprised of four “expansion packs” including “new universes,” “new player actions,” and “new weaponry.” Although “new universes” sounds intriguing, no specifics were mentioned concerning the statement. Within the conference call, EA also states that the DLC will span “12 to 18 months post launch.” This information comes just weeks after it was announced that Battlefront’s season pass will be $50 for which EA has received some backlash.

Although no further details came up concerning the DLC, figures for the beta and expected sales were highlighted. EA has increased their sales predictions for Battlefront from 9-10 million units to 13 million units by March 2016. This information came after the success of the recent beta of which EA reports 9.5 million users played throughout the beta’s duration. They also stated that the beta “spurred tremendous preorder growth.”

Star Wars is currently set to release November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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