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Konami Planning Another Large-Scale Metal Gear Title and Closes LA Studio

Metal Gear Solid V

Konami is back in the news once again as recent reports state Konami still plans on releasing another large-scale Metal Gear Solid entry. This information comes on the same day that Konami’s Los Angeles Studio has, reportedly, been shut down.

According to a post from Kotaku, Nikkei printed an article in which Konami stated they have plans to develop another Metal Gear title and that it will require a “large-scale investment.” No other details about the possible next title were discussed. It is unclear at this time whether or not Kojima will be involved with the project.

What also seems unclear is Kojima’s status with Konami after initial reports of his departure from the company that were quickly disputed by Konami when they reported that Kojima was simply on vacation. Over the past several months, we have also seen reports of Kojima Production Studio being disbanded, Kojima’s name being removed from Metal Gear box art, termination of Silent Hills (along with the removal of PT from the PSN store), and information regarding about Konami’s poor work environment.

And to add to this ongoing spectacle, Eurogamer now reports that Konami has shut down their Los Angeles studio. Along with the studio’s closing comes news that more than 20 individuals have lost their jobs. Kojima Productions LA developed Metal Gear Online for Phantom Pain.

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